Fight the Cold



1. The most difficult thing to get out from under on a cold morning
3. When your hands are cold you rub them together to create this, which in turn warms them up
4. What better way to keep you and your loved one warm than by doing this on the couch under a blanket
5. A southern staple comfort food that will get you shamed if you put beans in it
7. Calgon will take you away with a hot one of these
10. Nothing beats a nice warm bowl on a chilly winter's day


2. Must own piece of clothing on cold windy days. Not a Jillet, but a...
6. Be it central or space, a must have source of heat when temps dip below freezing
8. Grab a few logs and set them ablaze in this dedicate home location
9. These hand warmers are not just for kittens who constantly misplace things