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Crossword maker

Make customized puzzles with your selected words and print or share them. Family gatherings or class activities will always be more fun with your special puzzles.


  • Custom title, words, clues
  • Print and playable version
  • Changeable layout
  • Image and emoji support
  • Custom crossword colors
  • Crossword sharing with custom settings
Crossword maker

Word Search puzzle maker

Select a topic or add your own words and let us generate a customizable size word search puzzle for you!


  • Custom title, words
  • Print and playable version
  • Emoji support
  • Changeable layout (coming soon!)
  • Image support (comint soon!)
  • Word search puzzle sharing with custom settings (coming soon!)
Wordsearch maker

Wordpress plugin

There is a great opportunity to insert custom puzzles on your wordpress website!


  • Use any crosswords on your blog
  • Visitors can play with it
  • Follow the viewed and completed counter
  • Word Search Wordpress plugin
  • Sudoku Wordpress plugin (comint soon!)
  • Minesweeper Wordpress plugin (coming soon!)
Wordpress plugin