New Year's Resolutions



1. Do this, laugh, and love - get out and experience the world.
2. Reach out and get in touch to cherish the ones you have and be a better one yourself.
3. Be it smoking, drinking, or any other addiction, it is common to swear to do this with these.
4. Get more of this and manage it better.
5. This health is often the last to get treated, even though we resolve to do things to get a head of it.
9. Buy some shelves, get some crates, look the clutter in the eye and put it all in its place.


6. Greener pastures are often sought by changing course and finding a new, better one of these that better suits your talents.
7. So many new memberships bought with the best intentions to do this more.
8. After gaining it over the holidays, it's the most popular thing that wants to get lost.
10. Gain the knowledge to do the things you want to do.