Costume Capers



2. This little Italian plumber will likely shout "It's a-me!" when you open your door
3. This "Mistress of the Dark" is known for her haunted hills and B-movie marathon commentary
4. The green version of this ranger just visited Corsicana and has been a popular costume since the 90s
5. Fairytale royalty staple for generations, usually of the Disney variety
7. Netflix's _______ Game is inspirations for this year's popular new costume


1. Old as dirt, wrapped up in his own tissues
6. When the moon is full, so should your candy bowl be when this transformed creature howls for some treats
8. This hairy beast known for it's shoe size is rarely seen outside of blurry photos yet often appears at your door each year for candy
9. Popular bloodsucker and candy hoarder that hates sunlight
10. Popular brand of 70's and 80's costumes with cheap plastic masks and garbage back like body suits