Arts Crossword

Try to solve our arts related crossword!



1. relative importance
3. United States architect who was the presidentially appointed architect of Washington D.C. (1781-1855)
4. the capital of Australia; located in southeastern Australia
6. serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose
8. to show, make visible or apparent


2. a heavy, closely woven fabric (used for clothing or chairs or sails or tents)
4. the tissue that surrounds the lens nucleus
5. the largest city in India and one of the largest cities in the world; located in eastern India; suffers from poverty and overcrowding
7. a vigorous blow
9. a preschool for children age 4 to 6 to prepare them for primary school
10. someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
11. queen of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India from 1837 to 1901; the last Hanoverian ruler of England (1819-1901)