Black & White Christmas Crossword



1. Highly Flammable
2. A regular at Christmas Markets and Pubs in December
3. Look nice but get in the way
4. Prefer the log honestly
6. Sound of a slamming door, also make music
8. Shiny, also very fragile
11. Probably has a lot of Gnargles in it
12. Pretty but prickly
14. Love or hate them
15. Santa got stuck up it
16. Making a bang since 1840
18. Pretty, gets everywhere
22. Why send a gift when you can send a tree


5. Would fit in well on Comic Relief
7. The most effective way to teach a child about calendars
9. Word meaning princess, also wrote a decent christmas song
10. Makes knocking on a door slightly more difficult
13. Great for legs, gifts as well I suppose
17. Provides more joy to mums than kids, dominates facebook
19. Cute event but often disorganised
20. Careful when eating, there may be a coin in it!
21. The big man himself
23. Sometimes a solider, sometimes a wife
24. Place to hang socks, even when dry