Vehicles Crossword

Try to solve our vehicles related crossword!



1. (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score
2. someone who manufactures something
4. an instrument or machine that is used in warfare, such as a battering ram, catapult, artillery piece, etc.
6. the act of emitting; causing to flow forth
7. an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
9. a partly sheltered anchorage
10. space in which vehicles can be parked


3. (often used in combination) having or using or propelled by means of power or power of a specified kind
5. carrying weapons
8. protected by armor (used of persons or things military)
10. a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it
11. sends a firework display high into the sky